Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students

Teachers & Staff

We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated staff! At Capitan Middle School we employ highly qualified teachers who are not only committed to educating your children using best practices in their field, but also to the improvement of their own teaching and expertise. This combination creates an atmosphere of respect, excitement, and cooperation. We invite you to get to know our teachers and think of ways you can support them to prepare our students for roles in our community.


Vance Lee

Becky Huey
Middle School/
High School Principal

Vicki Beets
Special Services Director

Jason Lee
Athletics Coordinator

Shane Shepperd
Transportation/Operations Supervisor


Theresa Kennedy
Licensed Professional School Counselor

Sheila Blackbourn
School Social Worker


Brook Chavez
WIN Academy/
6th Grade Math

Jake Devine
Agricultural Explorations 7th Grade/
Agricultural Science 8th Grade

Wayne Ellison

Michelle Garcia
6th–8th Grade ELA

Lynn Howard
8th Grade Science/SPED

Kim King
8th Grade Math-Algebra I

Rhiannon Levin
6th–8th Grade History

Jodie McInnes
6th–7th Grade Math/
App Creators/Innovators

Dwight Menix
6th–8th Grade SPED

Kelly Newell
Art Appreciation

DuWayne Shaver

Michelle Stearns
7th–8th Grade General
Computer Applications

Karrie Wren
7th–8th Grade Family and
Consumer Sciences

Ivy Wrye
6th–8th Grade Science

Support Staff

Jenny DeSalvo

Kurt DeSalvo
Educational Assistant

Anthony Garcia

Jennifer Johnson
Educational Assistant

Andrea Ketchum
Educational Assistant

Diane Latham
School Nurse

Fernando Salcedo

Monica Sharp

Amanda Storms
Educational Assistant

Maggie Svendson
Educational Assistant

Tosha Tyler