Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students

Teachers & Staff

We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated staff! At Capitan Middle School we employ highly qualified teachers who are not only committed to educating your children using best practices in their field, but also to the improvement of their own teaching and expertise. This combination creates an atmosphere of respect, excitement, and cooperation. We invite you to get to know our teachers and think of ways you can support them to prepare our students for roles in our community.


Mark Driskell

Shelli Montoya
Middle/High School Principal

Becky Huey-Fuller
Federal Programs Director/SPED Director

Sylvia Ginithin

Theresa Kennedy
Licensed Professional School Counselor/Dean of Students

Jason Hightower
Athletic/Activities Director


Jennifer Barnwell
English 7 and 8, MS National Junior Honor Society Sponsor, 8th Grade Advisor

Stacey Burdett
English 6, New Mexico History, Medial Literacy, 6th Grade Advisor, 504 Committee

Wayne Ellison
MS/HS Guitar

Doug Gleason

Jason Hightower
Athletics Director, 8th Grade Softball

Bill Howard
Agricultural Explorations, Agricultural Science, MS/HS National FFA Sponsor

Lynn Howard

Jason Lee
MS Physical Education, Athletics

Jodie McInnes
Math 7 & 8, Math Intervention, 7th Grade Advisor

Kelly Newell
MS Art Appreciation, MS Introduction to Art

DuWayne Shaver
MS/HS General Band, MS/HS Choir, MS/HS Color Guard, MS Off Season Training, Athletics

Joyce Turnbow
Early US History, 6th Grade Social Studies, Ancient Civilizations & Art History, Media Literacy, MS Student Council Sponsor, 8th Grade Advisor, 504 Committee

James Weems
Math 6 & 8, 8th Grade Baseball, MS Physical Education

Shirley Wood
Drafting, MS Yearbook, Computer Lab Master

Karrie Wren
Family & Consumer Science, Tiger Bakery & Cafe

Ivy Wrye
Earth & Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, MS Knowledge Bowl Sponsor, FFA Coach, 7th Grade Advisor

Support Staff

Kimalee Miller
Educational Assistant

Anna Silva
Educational Assistant

Stephanie Sugg
School Nurse

Debbie Wright
Educational Assistant