Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students Capitan Middle School To Lead, Educate, and Prepare All Students

Our School

Capitan Middle School offers a wide range of learning experiences for students attending sixth through eighth grade. We serve approximately 130 students. While our area is known predominately for its outdoor recreation and Smokey Bear connections, we extend our community pride to our school system through highly qualified and dedicated staff and high student achievement.

At CMS we give our students access to a quality core curriculum that will prepare them for future study and a variety of extra-curricular programs, sports teams, music, and clubs that provide them with additional avenues of success. We want to empower our students to accomplish every goal and encourage them to dream every dream. 

Because of the backing of our supportive community, our school can offer:

  • A balanced core curriculum that prepares our students to be effective communicators, empathetic and responsible citizens, and proficient in their use and understanding of math and science concepts.
  • Agriculture
  • Art
  • Athletics
  • Band/Chorus
  • Computer Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Clubs
  • Guitar
  • Student Government
  • Technology

Library and Technology Resources

We are proud to prepare our students for work in the 21st Century with quality education and appropriate experiences with technology. To that end we have provided a digital reference library and technology loan program for student access anywhere they are. Through this program, students have access to new technology regardless of their families’ income or location. Our digital reference library is a great place for students to start their next writing assignment! Contact Becky Huey-Fuller, the middle school principal, if you have any questions about the technology resources available: